cPanel Subdomain Creator

Use cPanel Subdomain Creator to create subdomains on cPanel based hosting.

• cPanel account username
• cPanel account password
• cPanel skin (see Determining your cPanel Theme/Skin for more info on how to determine cPanel skin)
• list of subdomains to be created in the plain text file (if creating from file)
• Parent domain name (can create subdomains for different domains when creating from file)

Update program header with above settings and script is ready to use.

Usage: (you can use this script in either way)

Open script in browser and fill the form data

Pass all information via URL (form will not appear in this case)

Example: cpanel_subdomains.php?cpaneluser=USER&cpanelpass=PASSWORD&domain=DOMAIN&subdomain=SUBDOMAIN
List all subdomains to be created in the plain text file

Note: If script cannot find file with subdomains and no parameters passed via URL then it will show input form.

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